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safe cycling

Safe Cycling Skills - A statistical investigation

Question: Are Karoro School senior students safe cyclists on the roads?

Recently Room One students participated in a safe cycling skills programme facilitated by the
New Zealand Police.

Students learned about the correct way to wear their bicycle helmet. Helmets need to be
tightened properly. We also needed to check the helmets to see if they were cracked or broken.
We also had to do the finger check. This is when you put two fingers over your eyebrow to check
if your helmet is tight enough.

Then we talked about road rules and how you can get fined and how much it is. The road rules
we learnt about were like stop at a stop sign even if there are no cars coming and you don't always
have to stop at a give way sign, you just have to look.

We also learned about how to check your bike. You had to check your wheels and if they were
loose and if they were we had to tighten them and we had to check the handle bars the brakes
and the chain and if that was rusty or not you had to put some oil on it.

The second session involved a skills based session on the court. Students had to do a course
and go up and down wood and over ladders. We also had to indicate and do what the signs said.

Following the court session students participated in a road circuit skills session. There were
people placed around the circuit and marks were given for using the following skills:

I did not go to the road circuit because I was being silly on the court circuit.

I could not  go on the road circuit because I was being silly on the court. In the graph on my
report it shows the skills the kids had to do in the safe cycling test on the road.
The second time around they improved. I think this means they are getting better because
they are practicing.